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New 14.9 Arduino GUI overhaul

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Whoa.. it all became clear now.  The folks who created the first Arduino IDE, gutted Processing and changed the "export to applet" to compile & upload to an Arduino board.  That is why there are so many Java file references and other applet related amalgams.  Time to hack & stich it up more !


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 Here the soccor game is developing.  
 It is using AJAX & JSON to accept browser messages.
 There is an embedded flash video feed (no special
  plugin required !)

Service Help Pages

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I'm Creating new Content-Type "Service" which should be the ultimate source for info, examples, & help regarding MRL Services.

I added a required Icon which will be the graphical depiction of the Service. Currently they are displaying on Android, but I have not put them in the Swing gui (yet).. 

Additional form fields I can think of are :

Examples (with example code in Python)

and of course better Descriptions :)

Micro2440 SDK Board

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The Micro2440 SDK Board is a development board for the FriendlyArm Micro2440.  This little board can run Linux.  It comes with FriendlyArms custom compiled kernel, but other forms of Linux can run on it too (Ubuntu & Fedora).  Santa was kind enough to send be the development board and a Micro2440 to experiment with.

Here is my current setup:

Swarm Brain #1

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Swarm Brain #1

There it is..  a BBB + BT.  Reprogrammed it to talk at 57600 baud.  I can connect to it from my Computer or Phone.   
Good little swarm brain.  Now, got to make a few more... ;)

State Diagram for Visual Learning Finite State Machine

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FSM Find Object Detail



FSM State Machine

Color Marble Sorter

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Inspired by a $2.00 color detector by Gonzik on LetsMakeRobots my daughter created a color marble sorter for her elementary school science project.


FFMPEG WEBM JMF Java & other video streaming information

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Some Interesting links on Video Streaming and Java.

I'm really disappointed by the lack of support and large amount of frustration with JMF.  This was Sun's initial stab at implementation or standards of implementation.  No one appeared to use it, and now it seems to have lost all support or future development.