Resources by Service

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Ahoy to my fellow MRL'ers!

I had an interesting thought while letting my turkey settle in my stomach (U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday Today). Is it or could it be possible to allocate resources for a specific service inside MRL when doing Runtime.createAndStart(...)  It is supposed to be possible to do java -Xmx1024m -jar myrobotlab.jar but does this just give the MyRobotLab process those resources?  I have been digging into Runtime and createAndStart but I am not seeing anything that looks explicitly like what I am wanting to do?  

Junior can read!

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I will write up how this MAGIC all worked but check it out... It WORKS!

The Robot with Two Brains REVISITED

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A few weeks ago I was trying to determine how to pass data between services running on separate instances of MRL running on a Mac Mini and a Raspberry Pi.


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Damn .. from its first nervous steps a couple years ago, to now backflips !  ..
That's just ... wow .... speechless

Thanks @Humanoid for sharing the link !

To Boldly Scrub Where No One Has Scrubbed Before !

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WOOHOO ! .. 555 Tests a new record ..     And we've moved from A- to 

PS2 motor control

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I am trying to get a ps2 joystick to control a motor through an arduino.
Can you please help ? 
Below is the code on the Arduino.


3D sound localization

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Some weeks ago we discussed about an interesting project that is called HARK. 

It's an open source project created by Honda Research Institute in Japan.

A few videos that describes what can be done: 

Don't worry if you don't speak Japanese, I think you still will be impressed: Watch it and be impressed.


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Finally ! .. started a "real" robot again and I have named it WORK-E 

Power Protection Systems for NOOBs

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When you think of power protection, you first think of fuses or circuit breakers. While these are the most common devices used in both home and industry, they are far from being the only type of protection device.  Normally the fuse or circuit breaker will only be part of a larger protection system.

Terminator playing in the dark

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I really appreciate the help of Grog and Mats to perform the Overlay filter, since I do not have much experience programming.